Welcome to Slesha

We are living in the modern era where nothing is permanent. According to us, we often change our cell phones every two to three years and whenever you buy a product, the very next moment an innovative version is out.


Website is the first face of any organization, so when coming to the web design and Development we will understand the business process of the customer and create the designs accordingly.


Do you already have a platform where you offer services to your customers? Then let us help make it more exciting, let us add “Voice” to your application. We have mastered the Voice and Speech based technology offerings and enterprise solutions.


That other application sucks? Well, that was not our product. Come to us with a proposal/idea and we will put it in to action. Here at Vertraus we focus on three major aspects of Software/Application Development


Mobile application development has gained huge popularity with the introduction of smart phones and technical evolution around the world. We have an exclusive team of professionals to develop the mobile applications faster, innovative and affordable mode for Android and iOS platforms.